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Augustine Corrigan
Oldest brother to Queen Maeve of Beldain
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Dark
Family Maeve Corrigan
Kester Corrigan
Tristan Corrigan
Unnamed mother †
Unnamed Father †
Unnamed Step-father †
4 Unnamed Brothers
Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Daughter
Allies The Dagger Society
Enemies The Rose Society


Status Alive

Augustine is Queen Maeve's oldest brother and is her loyal protector. He is skilled with the sword and often helps Maeve train. He also goes on missions with Maeve and is a trusted member of her council. He helps protect Maeve, and protected her against their brother, Tristan, when he is overpowered by the energy of death and attacks Maeve.

Following the Beldish law that girls inherit the throne, Maeve appoints his newborn daughter (her oldest niece) Crown Princess of Beldain after her. This gives Maeve the freedom to marry Lucent.


Augustine first appears in the epilogue of The Young Elites. He is standing behind his sister, Maeve, when she executes Sir Briadhe, and afterwards informs her of the arrival of a letter from Lucent, which details the assassination of the king and Enzo's death. Maeve sends him to give the letter to their mother, the queen, and to gather their Elites. While Maeve then goes to see their youngest brother in the dungeons, he and his other brothers visit their sick mother in her bedchamber.

He is first seen in The Rose Society dueling his sister when Lucent and Raffaele arrive in the clearing they're camped in. He bests his sister, and Maeve promises that they will practice again later, before turning to talk with the Daggers.


  • While we never learn whether Maeve and him share the same father, it can be presumed that they are only half siblings due to the fact they are the oldest and youngest of their mother's eight children.