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Member of the Dagger Society
Aliases The Spider
Gender Male
Species Human (Malfetto)
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Allies The Dagger Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
Adelina Amouteru
The Rose Society
Status Deceased

Dante, also known as "Spider", was once a blacksmith’s apprentice. From the very beginning he was wary of Adelina’s presence on the team. Both hulking and menacing, Spider would've liked nothing more than to rid himself of the new recruit. Like the others, he is marked as a Young Elite by the dark irregular markings on his neck that go all the way down to his chest. He’s known as the Spider for his abilities to see in darkness.

Through the first book, Dante showed the most hatred towards Adelina, believing she's going to betray The Dagger Society by working with Teren. He is accidentally killed by Adelina in an alley when he followed Adelina secretly when she was going to the Inquisitor's place to save her sister, Violetta Amouteru.


Dante is the 2nd recruit of the Dagger Society, and was once a blacksmith's apprentice. Dante was discovered by Enzo and Raffaele, still wounded from battle. They brought him to a friend named Daphne, who nursed him back to health despite knowing who and what they were. When Daphne died, Dante mourned her and wanted revenge on the Inquisition Axis for her death.

Physical Description

He is very muscular and has green eyes. His mark from the blood fever is dark, irregular markings that stretch from across his neck to part of his chest.

Powers and Abilities

His powers allow him to see in the dark and run at inhuman speeds. Dante also has large muscles.