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Enzo Valenciano is one of the main characters and narrators in The Young Elites. He has the power to create fire just from his hands by pulling on strings of heat from heat sources such as the sun.


Known as the Reaper, Enzo is the leader of the Dagger Society, a secret group of Young Elites who seek out others like them before the Inquisition Axis can. But when they find Adelina Amouteru, they discover she has powers they've never seen.

He is the former crown prince of Kenettra, disposed of by his elder sister who assumed the throne along with her husband, a powerful duke. After she became queen, his sister banished him from the palace. The monarchs encourage the hunt of malfettos and portray them as demons and bringers of misfortune to keep Enzo unfit for the throne.

Seeking vengeance, Enzo forms the Dagger Society, along with Raffaele, in order to assassinate the King and Queen and take his rightful throne.


Enzo is a natural-born leader and can easily sway people to his side. He is determined to dethrone his sister, the queen, and will do anything to achieve that. This can make him seem cruel and heartless at times, especially when he lets malfettos with no powers die rather than trying to save them, "if they are not worth it." He puts the Dagger Society above all else and if one is risky, not useful, or untrustworthy, Enzo has no qualms about killing a Young Elite. Despite this, he dearly cares for his friends and lovers, as evidenced by when he killed Raffaele's client for mistreating him and his feelings for Daphne, a previous lover whom he wished to marry before she died. He deeply cares for Adelina and is reluctant to kill her despite the opinions of Raffaele and Dante, but he rarely shows his feelings for her and constantly hides them, pushing her and training her to control her powers.

Physical Description

Enzo's most prominent features are his dark midnight eyes and shoulder-length dark blood red hair, a marking left from the blood fever. He is very tall and has warm brown skin like most Northern Kenettrans. His hands are badly burned, healed over several times to accumulate a thick layer of scar tissue, which he covers using a pair of blood-specked gloves that he wears all the time. He usually ties his hair back in a short loose tail.

After being brought back to life in The Rose Society by Queen Maeve, Enzo appeared with completely black eyes, particularly when he seemed to lose control. However, Enzo would seem to be the same as when he was truly alive.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrokinesis: Enzo is capable of controlling the energy of heat sources to generate and manipulate fire.


  • Artwork by Tumblr user Deanpinterester[1]