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Giulietta Valenciano
Queen of Kenettra
Aliases Lady Giulietta
Age 23
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Dark
Eyes Dark
Family Unnamed father †
Enzo Valenciano (brother)
Duke of Estenzia (husband)
Allies The Inquisition Axis
Teren Santoro
Enemies The Dagger Society
Enzo Valenciano
Status Deceased

Giulietta was the Queen of Kenettra and sister to Enzo. When she was princess, she married the Duke of Estenzia. Even though he was only a nobleman and not of royal blood, it made him the king, and her the queen. She detests her husband, and is currently having an affair with Teren Santoro

She is killed by Teren, who stabs her through the heart while he is blinded by Adelina's illusion. Adelina made a lock of Guilietta's hair appear to be red and gold, causing Teren to kill her because he believes she is a malfetto.


Queen Giuletta is a ruthless liar who uses her status as firstborn of the royal family as a means to achieve the throne. She cheats on her husband out of her love for Teren.

She has a burning hate for malfettos, and wanted to destroy them all. She is also very manipulative towards many, even towards Teren. Queen Giulietta will do anything to achieve her goal, but she is not rash, she is very cunning and thinks things through. When Teren makes bad decisions, Giulietta is not afraid to punish him accordingly.