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Kester Corrigan
Gender Male
Species Human (Malfetto)
Family Unnamed Father †
Unnamed Stepfather †
Unnamed Mother †
4 Unnamed brothers
Maeve Corrigan (Sister)
Tristan Corrigan (Brother)
Augustine Corrigan (Brother)
Unnamed Niece
Lucent (Sister-in-Law)
Allies The Dagger Society


Enemies The Rose Society


Status Alive

Kester Corrigan is one of Maeve Corrigan's older brothers. It is unknown whether or not the two are full or half siblings. He is also an Elite.


He appears (unnamed) during the Epilogue of The Young Elites. He stands behind his sister while she executes Sir Briadhe, and then accompanies his brothers to visit their sick mother.

At the start of The Rose Society he appears again, still unnamed, along with his brothers. They are watching Maeve and Augustine- his brother and sister- duel as Lucent and Raffaele arrive.

When Raffaele arrives in Estenzia, posing as a prisoner, he thinks back on the events of the past two weeks, where he names Kester, and notes that he was an Elite, although he didn't know what his power was.

Kester rode into Estenzia with his sister and two of his brothers, Tristan and Augustine. When Maeve sits down beside Queen Giulietta, her brothers sit behind her. None of the brothers speak during the event, but Kester and Augustine exchange a dark look when Maeve is gifted a Sunland stallion that belonged to the dead king. When Teren insults Elites, and, by extension, Maeve, Kester reaches for his sword, and Raffaele can feel his Elite energy stir. However, he stands down at his sister's silent command.