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Member of the Dagger Society
Aliases Windwalker
Age 21 (TYE)

23 (TMS)

Gender Female
Species Human (Malfetto)
Hair Copper
Family Maeve Corrigan (Wife)
Allies Maeve Corrigan
The Dagger Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
The Rose Society
Status Alive

Lucent is a malfetto and an Elite with the ability to manipulate the wind. With this power, she is able to perform feats like flying. Lucent is a member of the Dagger Society and is known as the Windwalker among the Young Elites.


Born in Beldain, Lucent was in a secret romantic relationship with the princess, Maeve Corrigan, before she was banished by the queen for her accidental contribution to the death of Tristan Corrigan. Unknown by Lucent, Tristan is later brought back to life by Maeve.

Raffaele finds out that Lucent's bones are slowly hollowing out and beginning to become brittle because of excessive use of her wind powers. If Lucent does not stop, her skeletal structure will eventually become too brittle and collapse on her, and Lucent will die. His discovery of this spurs his theory that the powers that the Elites possess will eventually destroy them.


Lucent is sarcastic and comes off as cold and unwelcoming. She is slow to warm up to people. However, she can be great fun if you are familiar to her. She is very loyal to her friends, loved ones and the remaining members of The Dagger Society.

In the beginning of the book, she appears hostile and unimpressed when she duels with Adelina in the first time. As the plot progresses and Adelina seems to have adjusted to life in the Dagger Society, she becomes as welcoming to Adelina as Gemma. When she realizes that Adelina has been working with Teren and witnesses Enzo's death, she becomes doubtful and eventually hateful towards Adelina.

Physical Description

Lucent is tall with broad shoulders and has copper colored hair. She is very pale due to her Beldish blood. Her marks from the blood fever are dark, swirling lines that are spread across one of her arms. Her bones are described to be light to accommodate her Elite power - manipulation of wind.

Powers and Abilities

Wind manipulation - Lucent has the power to manipulate and use wind to her disposal. Anything the wind can do (howls, gust, lifting, etc.), she can do as well. She can conjure gusts of wind, and can also "walk" on wind, thus earning her her nickname.

Flying - Due to her ability to manipulate wind and light weight (due to her powers), Lucent has the ability to fly.


  • Lucent marries Maeve Corrigan.
  • Lucent has a Beldish accent, which Michel has been said to occasionally mock.
  • Lucent will supposedly die from her bones becoming so brittle and hollow because of her manipulation of the wind.
  • Artwork by Tumblr user Deanpinterester [1]