Maeve Corrigan
Queen of Beldain
Aliases Little Jac
Age 18
Gender Female
Species Human (Malfetto)
Hair Half Gold
Half Black
Family Unnamed father †
Unnamed stepfather †
Unnamed mother †
4 Unnamed brothers
Kester Corrigan (brother)
Tristan Corrigan (brother)
Augustine Corrigan (brother)
Unnamed niece
Lucent (wife)
Allies The Dagger Society
The Rose Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
Giulietta Valenciano
The Rose Society
Status Alive

Maeve Jacqueline Kelly Corrigan is the Queen of Beldain, and lives in the Hadenbury Palace, located in Northern Beldain in the Skylands where malfettos are revered. She is a Young Elite, her ability being to bring the dead back to life, but she has not told anyone since she believes it would bring hundreds of people begging for her to bring their loved ones back. She is the youngest of the seven, her mother having had two husbands and six sons before Maeve was born. She aligns with moonstone, the stone that symbolizes Moritas, the goddess of death.

She had hopes that the Dagger Society would be able to take the crown in Kenettra, opening up trade between the two countries and having someone who wouldn't discriminate against malfettos on the throne. She wished to gradually win control of Kenettra without sacrificing soldiers.

She had a romantic relationship with Lucent before she was banished because she took the blame for Tristan's death. She later joins Adelina and the Daggers on their quest to return their demonic powers to the Gods. She later marries Lucent and appoints her niece as Crown Princess.

Appearance Edit

Her only mentioned marks from the blood fever was half of her hair being black, and the other half being dark blonde but when the blood fever vanished, her hair transformed back to pale blond

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Recalling souls from the dead - Maeve has the ability as a Young Elite to bring souls back from the Underworld as she did with her brother Tristan and Enzo Valenciano


  • She brought her brother Tristan back to life, although no one found out and believed that he had never truly died.
  • She sometimes executes prisoners.
  • She has a white Beldish tiger as a pet.
  • Her voice is described as low, harsh, and grating.
  • She believes that the goddess Fortuna blessed her with the markings left on her from the blood fever.
  • She is handy with a crossbow.
  • She marries Lucent and decrees that her niece, the newborn daughter of Augustine, to be her eventual successor of the throne.
  • Artwork by Tumblr user Deanpinterester [1]


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