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Martino Amouteru was the father of Adelina and Violetta. He died on the night of June 13, 1361 due to his horse rearing up and slamming its hooves into his chest.



On the thirteenth of June, Adelina overheard her father striking a business deal with a fellow businessman. In return for paying all of Martino's debts, the businessman would get Adelina as his mistress. Horrified, Adelina ran back to her room to prepare for her escape.

While running through the streets of Dalia in Southern Kenettra, Adelina heard her father approaching on horseback. Looking back, she saw her father glaring at her fiercely. Adelina tried running as fast as she could, but it was futile as her father grabbed her arm. He called her a thief and began pulling her back to his horse. Adelina screamed for help, but the town was empty as it was night. She managed to get loose from his grab, but he then pulled her roughly by the hair. As he dragged her toward his horse, the world turned black and white and phantoms appeared. They whispered Adelina's thoughts to him and, terrified, he released Adelina and ran straight into his horse. Startled, the horse reared up and landed its hooves on his chest, killing him instantly.

After Death

Afterward, Adelina yelled out that she was innocent and didn't mean to do it. Seeing as she had no other choice, she ran. Eventually, Adelina was caught by Inquisitors, who were searching for her believing she was at fault for the death of her father. Adelina begged them she wasn't the one, and insisted it was just an accident. However, they didn't believe her and threw her into prison.

In her prison cell, Adelina would awaken to her father's ghost in the corner, laughing at her and saying he won while she lost. Adelina would ignore him and order him to go away, but he stayed. Adelina, who was "going to die tomorrow morning," didn't care.


Martino Amouteru was a sadistic and selfish person. He abused both his daughters, mainly Adelina, and was a very cruel man. He didn't care what happened to his daughters as long as he got money and was living well-off. Around those other than his daughters, he put on a facade of being a loving and protective father.

He did not care about Adelina, as he deemed that because of her looks, she was worthless.