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Teren Santoro
Leader of The Inquisition Axis
Age 19 (TYE)

21 (TMS)

Born 1342
Gender Male
Species Human (Malfetto)
Height 5'10
Hair Wheat Blond
Eyes Pale Blue
Blue (former)
Family Unnamed father †
Allies The Inquisition Axis
Giulietta Valenciano
The Dagger Society
The Rose Society
Enemies The Dagger Society(Former)
Status Deceased

Teren Santoro is one of the major supporting characters and one of the narrators in The Young Elites trilogy.


Teren is the former Leader of the Inquisition Axis and works for Queen Giulietta, seeking out Young Elites and destroying them to keep them from destroying the Kenettra. Although he believes the Young Elites are dangerous, Teren may have the darkest secret of all. He himself is a Young Elite, and his power allows for any wound on his body to be instantly healed. At the age of 11, both he and his father, the Lead Inquisitor at the time, contracted the blood fever. His father ultimately died two days later while Teren survived, agonized over his death. The only known mark left by the blood fever is his eyes becoming a very pale, almost translucent, blue. However, because had become a malfetto, he was kicked out of the Inquisition Axis. By the time Teren was sixteen, he was marking the homes of malfettos and reported townsfolk who supported malfettos. One of those supporters was a young woman named Daphne, who was loved by Enzo. Upon turning her in, he was summoned by Giulietta and the late king of Kenettra and was henceforth reinstated in the Inquisition and the public was told that he did not have a marking. It was at this moment when he began to see himself as an abomination sent by the gods to rid the world of malfettos and to stop them from corrupting Kenettra. It is known that Teren killed the King, and was having an affair with the Queen for an indefinite amount of time.

During the battle between the Roses, the Daggers, Queen Maeve's navy, and Teren's Inquisition Axis, Terren's men are intimidated by Adelina's powers and instead sworn their loyalty to her, capturing Teren. Teren becomes Adelina's prisoner.

In the final book, Teren is taken from the prisons and taken on the mission to return the malfetto's abomination to the Gods, which is his final mission. He becomes almost friendly with Adelina and Raffaele and their allies and even saves Adelina and Magiano during a storm. He is killed defending his allies from monsters in the Dark of Night. He appears as a ghostly soul sealed in a Moonstone pillar. Adelina even sheds a few tears at his heroic death, showing that Teren has somehow been forgiven and has died a hero.


Teren is cruel, sadistic, and harsh, completely dedicating himself to annihilating the Young Elites and ridding the world of malfettos, though he himself is a Young Elite. He drowns himself in self-loathing because of his powers, believing that killing off malfettos means "saving their souls" and sees it as a way of helping and redeeming them. Teren devotes himself completely to the queen, even at the cost of his childhood friend Enzo. He is infatuated with her. Although he is seemingly cruel, he loves the queen dearly and strives to please her. He also becomes friendly with his former enemies on the mission to give up their Elite powers. Overall, he would do anything to achieve his goal of ridding the world of malfettos.

Physical Description

Teren has wheat-colored hair and his mark from the blood fever is his very pale blue eyes that are almost colorless. His hair is cut in a very specific fashion; shorter hair on the sides, longer on top, and a small tail at the back.

Powers and Abilities

Teren has the unique ability to heal any wound inflicted upon him, including even the deepest of cuts and bruises. This power, however, weakened considerably and his wounds started to stitch up slower and slower due to an imbalance in the mortal world.


  • Artwork by Tumblr user itsiparwing[1]