Tristan Chirsley is an unseen character in The Young Elite's series. Most of his works are shown at the header of the books. He is the author of The Star Thief or The Thief Who Stole Stars and The Other Side of the Mirror. He is also a playwright, having made the play The Temptation of the Jewel. His stories are loosely based on famous malfetto's such as Gemma Salvatore and Magiano, which is why they were banned afterwards, though it is very much appreciated.

Works and their Excerpts

  • The Temptation of the Jewel

Scene VII

(exeunt all but Boy)

BOY: Are you an ogre?

(enter Ogre)

OGRE: Are you a knight?

BOY: I am not a knight! Nor am I a king, scout or priest. Therefore you can be sure I am not here to steal the jewel

  • The Thief Who Stole Stars

"They think they can keep me out, but it does not matter how many locks they hang at the entrance. There is always another door"

  • The Other Side of the Mirror

"Turn it one way," said the merchant to the girl," and you will see where you want to go. But if you turn it the other way, you will see where you are needed the most."

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