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Violetta is the Queen of Kenettra in the end of The Midnight Star. She was a malfetto (although she is unmarked) who became a Young Elite after contracting the blood fever at age 2, along with her sister and mother. While her mother did not survive, she and her sister Adelina became Young Elites. Violetta's ability is that she is capable of taking away other Young Elites' powers. However, she kept this fact secret by putting on a naive and obedient facade, and blocking the powers of other Young Elites who could potentially find her. Because she was left unmarked by the blood fever, she was constantly sought by suitors while her sister was rejected and neglected by their father. After Adelina was taken by the Dagger Society, she was imprisoned by Teren to blackmail Adelina into giving away information about the Dagger Society, though Teren did not actually harm her.


Later, Adelina saves her and both leave the Dagger Society to sail to Tamoura, where they find Magiano and Sergio, and together they form the Rose Society. Violetta and Adelina have a heated and even violent argument the night before Adelina's coronation, and she leaves to seek shelter with the Daggers, begging them to help her sister. She becomes weak from her powers turning on her and black bruises start appearing on her skin as she weakens. She and Adelina reconcile on their way north to the land of Immortality and Violetta dies on the way. Adelina trades her life for her in the Underworld, which Violetta asks the Goddess Compasia to grant her wish of making Adelina a constellation. She becomes the Queen of Kenettra and their sisterly love prevails beyond death.

Physical Description

Violetta, like her sister Adelina, is very beautiful and much sought out after by suitors. She has long black hair and dark eyes with rich olive skin (described to be a fair warm brown) that compliments her features. She does not have any marks from the blood fever because of her power that she possesses. She was described by Adelina as "perfect" or "delicate" in appearance. She was dressed in luxurious silks and adorned with jewels because she was considered by her father as an investment.


Violetta is described by her sister as "naive" and "innocent." She was constantly doted upon by her father due to her not having any markings or looking like a Young Elite. Adelina often dismisses her as sweet and kind and too weak to kill. However, it is revealed that she often wears her innocence and naivety as a mask to protect herself from her suitors and their father. In reality, she is strong and powerful, able to handle the world, telling Adelina that she is happy she killed father. However, she is kind toward her family, with Adelina describing her love a force "no strings attached."

Powers and Abilities

Being a Young Elite, Violetta gained powers from the blood fever as she was a child. However, unlike other Young Elites, she was not left with any markings from the plague, making her able to blend in with normal people. Violetta has the power to block another Elite's powers, though side effects involve fevers and chills. It works in nearly the same way as Raffaele and Adelina's powers. When utilizing her powers, she simply cuts the "threads" that represent their powers. She sometimes gets jealous of Adelina's power. She admits that she herself is weak and is not as powerful as Adelina.


Adelina Amouteru

Violetta is the younger sister of Adelina. When they were younger, Violetta would be showered with gifts, such as dresses and shoes, because of her beauty. Her father loved her more than Adelina. She would often watch as Adelina was yelled at and abused. Soon after Adelina became Queen, Violetta left her.

Violetta rejoined Adelina in order to save the world. After Adelina dies, Violetta assumes the throne as Queen of Kenettra.

The two sisters are very close and love each other dearly.


  • Her alignments are nightstone, opal and sapphire, respectively fear, empathy, and joy.
  • Later in The Midnight Star, it is revealed that Sergio is in love with Violetta.
  • Artwork by Tumblr user Deanpinterester [1]