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A Young Elite is a survivor of the blood fever who gain mysterious powers afterwards.


A decade after the blood fever swept through the nation, most survivors- all of whom were children- gained strange markings during their time of illness, and some gained mysterious powers. Those with visible markings became known as malfettos. When people close to malfettos or people who have family members who are malfettos began having strange accidents or sometimes even dying, people began to believe that malfettos were bad luck, and they began being treated like second-class citizens. What people didn't originally know was that the blood fever gifted some of these children with strange abilities, and the children with these powers became known as Young Elites. The Inquisition Axis believes that Young Elites are dangerous and vengeful and will destroy the nation. Thus, they seek to destroy them before they can do so. It is pointed out by Violetta Amouteru that a Young Elite's body is not designed to wield the powers of the gods, and that, therefore, all Young Elites will die at a young age as a result of their powers.

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